Soil Surveys and Maps

Soil Surveys and Soil Maps


Hamilton, W. M. Grange, L.I. (1938). The soils and agriculture of Western Samoa. DSIR Bulletin 61. Wellington, New Zealand, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. 31p.

Wright, A. C. S. (1963). Soils and Land Use of Western Samoa. New Zealand Soil Bureau Bulletin 22. Wellington, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. 188p.

Maps to accompany report (all 1:100,000 scale)
Soils of Upolu
Soils of Savai'i
Land Classification, Upolu
Land classification, Savai'i
Soils of Upolu (1:40,000 scale in 8 sheets)

ANZDEC Consultants Ltd. and DSIR Land and Soils Sciences (1990). Land Resource Planning Study Western Samoa: Final Report. Lower Hutt, New Zealand, ANZDEC in association with DSIR Land and Soil Sciences 97p.

Maps to accompany report (all 1:50,000 scale in 6 sheets)
Soils of Western Samoa 
Land Use Western Samoa
Land Tenure Western Samoa
Land capability


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